Friday, 3 April 2009

Concert: Boulez and Carter

Last Saturday I attended a concert by the Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam:

Pierre Boulez - Incises
Elliott Carter - Clarinet Concerto
Pierre Boulez - Sur Incises

Hideki Nagano, piano
Jérôme Comte, clarinet
Ensemble Intercontemporain
Pierre Boulez, dirigent

Pierre Boulez remains an incredibly talented conductor, even at the age of 84.

Unfortunately I won't be going to any of the World Minimal Music Festival concerts in Amsterdam, but I definitely recommend them to anyone who likes minimalist music.
[In some sensed I traded Steve Reich by Aphex Twin, who will be in Eindhoven next Saturday at the Strp festival. It's not so strange, though, given that Aphex Twin has produced such amazing "prepared Yamaha Disklavier" works as Jynweythek Ylow.]


  1. Aphex Twin rocks, pity he wasn't asked to join the festival. Do you know the orchestrated version of Icct Hedral? He made it together with Philip Glass. Very beautiful.

  2. I didn't know it. Listened to it now and, quite frankly, didn't like it too much...

    I have been reading your posts on the WMMF and feeling very jealous :-)

  3. Great blog, José, and I've added it to my blogroll. I am envious that you get to hear so much in Amsterdam, home of one of my favorite orchestras.