Sunday, 28 March 2010

Museum: De Pont, Tilburg, The Netherlands

A few days ago I visited the museum De Pont in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I was expecting a small private museum with a correspondingly small collection, but I was surprised. Not only was De Pont not small at all, it housed a very broad and interesting collection, together with an exhibition on Sophie Calle.

(As a slight aside, Tilburg, together with Eindhoven, is accused of being an industrial new city with lack of a vibe and therefore not a nice place to live. To me this is a bit unfair: both have a nice modern art museum and alternative/cool places to go out at night. Eindhoven also has plenty of interesting events, like the Glow or the Strp festivals. But anyway.)

The highlight of the museum was Sophie Calle's Talking to Strangers. From the museum's description: Calle invited 107 women from a ballerina to a lawyer to use their professional skills to interpret an email in which her partner breaks up with her. Calle's work is generally meticulously detailed, thereby giving meaning and profound feeling to things that could otherwise be deemed common (such as this breakup letter). There were also some other works by Calle, which consist mostly of collections of letters and photographs documenting curious events planned by her.

The rest of the space in the museum was dedicated mostly to the permanent collection, which is an eclectic but well-balanced mix of styles and techniques from the last few years. Overall, high quality and good taste. I found Laib's Wachraum, Boltanski's Les Bougies and Paine's Crop very interesting.

Below are some of the pictures I have taken at the museum. Sometimes I first picture the description and then the work, sometimes I picture only the description because the work itself could not be pictured:

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