Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Muse at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, 17/12/2012

This must have been the fourth time I've seen Muse live. Their concerts are always spectacular; you shouldn't expect any less. Matt's voice is as impressive on recording as it is live. All songs are played on the original key, dispelling any myths that his vocal range is manipulated digitally. The visuals are always stunning, and this concert was no exception. I'm attaching some pictures of what I call "the nexus"; a massive structure of 5 rectangular LED screens, often arranged as a pyramid, but moving independently:

The setlist was unsurprisingly centered on their latest album, The 2nd Law, which I find (even) less interesting than the previous one. I'm afraid that Muse are moving away to a style that I don't relate to very much. Nonetheless, old favourites like Knights of Cydonia, Hysteria, and Plug In Baby warmed up the evening, and leave hopes of a brighter future for Muse.

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