Monday, 21 January 2019

Strats roles at Standard Chartered bank - New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong

Standard Chartered bank is hiring Haskell developers for Strats roles at all levels. We’re now always hiring; if you have demonstrated typed functional programming experience (Haskell preferred, but OCaml or F# experience will be considered too), and if you are interested in a position in New York, London, Singapore, or Hong Kong, please consider applying.
We now have 40+ strats working in very diverse financial market projects within corporate and institutional banking. Some of our projects are client-facing GUIs, others are server-side request handlers or reporting tools, and we also do a significant amount of devops. We don’t hire specifically for a particular role; we find an available project that matches each individual’s preferences, and adapt as we go along. We use Haskell (or our in-house variant, Mu) for practically everything we do.
Since we hire at all levels we don’t have a fixed set of requirements, but we expect solid computer science knowledge and demonstrated typed functional experience at all levels. No finance knowledge is required. At more senior levels you’ll also be responsible for architecture design, project management, and project/team leadership. We value diversity: we have strats with no university degree and strats with PhD + 20 years industrial experience, coming from over 20 different countries, of all age groups.
The role requires physical presence at our offices for most of the time; remote work is not an option. In most cases we offer a relocation allowance if moving from abroad, training and mentoring (internally and externally), and the bank has a comprehensive flexible working policy; inquire if you’d like to know more details.
If this sounds exciting to you, please apply via this link. Feel free to include any coding samples you’d like us to look at. We're also happy to answer any questions you might have about our roles at strats-jobs AT sc DOT com.
We are committed to building a culture that fosters a diverse and inclusive environment that’s free from bias, where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution. This is just one of our values that is expressed in our brand promise – here for good.

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